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In 1938 Maurice J. Poyant started the company, naming it Artcraft Sign Company.

Artcraft Sign Company, Coffin Ave. 1938


Artcraft Sign Company moved into its first building on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford, MA.

Artcraft Signs Building, Acushnet Ave. 1956


The company bought a 45 foot crane, the first of many to come. Leonard M. Poyant started his career at Artcraft Sign Company. Maurice changed the name of the company from Artcraft Signs to Poyant Signs and incorporated the company.

Poyant Signs Building, Acushnet Ave.


Len Poyant became General Manager of Poyant Signs.


Len Poyant became President of Poyant Signs.


Leonard Poyant and Hector Richard took ownership of Poyant Signs. Sales increased 43% and the staff was greatly increased. A 5000 sq. foot addition was added to the original building, increasing the size to 12,000 sq. feet. Richard Poyant joined Poyant Signs as a Sales Representative.

Len Poyant and Hector Richard, 1990


Poyant Signs purchased Alco Sign Company. Poyant moved into its new headquarters, a modern 45,000 square foot facility located in the business park in New Bedford, MA. Poyant opened its New Hampshire location.

Poyant Building, Samuel Barnet Boulevard


Richard Poyant became President of Poyant Signs. Poyant acquired General Signs and opened its Boston location.


Poyant Signs is the largest sign manufacturer in New England.

The Poyant Team, 2018