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Len Poyant

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Len graduated from New Bedford Vocational High School, in the Industrial Design Department in 1955 and began working full time at his father’s Artcraft Sign Company.

Artcraft Sign Company was founded in 1938 by Len’s father, Maurice J. Poyant. Len was attracted to his father’s company having witnessed the evolution of craftsmanship that resulted in the positive impact a successful project would have on developing the image of the customer’s business. In 1957, the company name was changed by Maurice to Poyant Signs Incorporated.

In 1967, Len became General Manager and Salesman, and in 1970 he became President of Poyant Signs. Len held this post for 30 years. During his tenure, Len held various offices within industry trade groups. Len continues to serve as Chairman of the Board of Poyant and is active in several community organizations.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
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