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Melanie Marmaras

Graphic Designer

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Melanie joined the Graphic Design Team at Poyant in 2020. Working on the CVS team, Melanie’s main role is to help implement CVS’s Brand Standards and will continue to develop signage for the franchise in the future. On her day-to-day, Melanie creates all required books for CVS projects from start to finish, including Brand Books, Re-Brand Books, Survey Books, Permit Books and Final Installation Books. Since starting at Poyant, she has completed courses with the International Sign Association in ADA Training including Digital Signage, Marketing, Print, Sign Installation and Sign Design.

Melanie was born and raised in New Bedford, MA. After high school, she attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA, and achieved her BFA in Graphic Design. Before coming to work for Poyant, Melanie was a Graphic Designed on the Design Team for the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, MA. There she worked on promotional materials for upcoming shows, mainly focusing in print for posters, news paper ads, handouts etc. In her spare time, she also did some freelance work for local clients to perfect her craft!

Working at Poyant allows Melanie to see what she created comes to life in the real world, and this is something that truly drives her success.

When Melanie is not designing, she enjoys staying active whether that’s hiking, kayaking, volleyball, dancing as well as staying passive doing yoga, playing video games, and drinking tea.

Her favorite quote is “Computers are to Design as Microwaves are to Cooking.” – Milton Glaser | t: 800.544.0961 x127