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Sarah Thearle

Lead Designer

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Sarah joined our company in 2005 and is now an award winning senior designer within our fast paced and exciting in-house design group. Sarah’s education, including her Bachelor of Fine Arts and minor in Literature at the Rochester Institute of Technology, as well as her 10+ years of experience, have given her a strong understanding of environmental, branding and marketing design. She is always continuing to learn and is a member of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design.

Sarah began her career in a small sign shop where she was not only the designer but also produced and installed each sign, giving her an intimate knowledge of each process. Her experience at Poyant has only expanded that knowledge on a much grander scale. She is capable of creating sign schedules, message schedules and location plans for large projects that include interior and exterior planning. This organization and preplanning helps not only in the design process but also at the fabrication and installation stage, making sure our team builds beautiful signs that inform and delight.

With Sarah’s background and her attention to detail she is an asset to Poyant with her creation and upkeep of our fabrication design library. Her dedication to design, function and craftsmanship benefits not only Poyant but our customers too. Sarah works closely with the custom fabrication department to ensure that plans and details are practical to execute. The result has been a better understanding of the fabrication process and how we can stick to budgets while still creating signage masterpieces for the whole design team.

“Be curious, not judgmental.”
-Walt Whitman

“Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”
-Paul Rand | t 508.207.1285