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Rhode Island Hospital

Providence, RI

In celebration of the hospital’s 150th anniversary, Rhode Island Hospital turned to Poyant to assist with a key component of their marketing campaign. Poyant was selected to design, engineer, produce and install two large banners that could be viewed from Routes 95 and 195 when entering the City of Providence. These banners were 125 ft. wide by 12 ft. high and 15 ft. wide by 120 ft. long. Extra care had to be taken not to disturb operations of the hospital while still maintaining the installation date. This was no small feat given one building was a 12 story building and the other was a bridge building over the ambulance access for the facility. A custom frame system was produced for both banners so they could be used for future events and announcements.

Poyant was also selected to change out the existing iconic landmark, internally illuminated logo and letters, located at the roof area of the main tower. The old set of letters and logo included neon lighting and faded acrylic faces. Poyant was asked to design a replacement set of letters and logo which would incorporate LED lighting providing less maintenance in the future and additional savings in electricity. The location of this sign required elaborate staging and heavy duty cranes for hoisting. Now complete, this sign acts as a beacon the hospital was hoping for to the traffic exposure of New England’s busiest highway system.

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