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Digital Signage

What You Need to Know About Electronic Message Centers

Increase Visual Appeal with a Higher Resolution Display & the Latest LED Technology.

Poyant is proud to partner with Watchfire to offer high impact 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 19mm Electronic Message Centers. Watchfire’s superior quality and reliability, energy efficient design, and powerful Ignite® software will make you stand out on your street and in your community.

Why Upgrade to an Electronic Message Center?

  • Increase Sales
  • Take advantage of improved energy efficiency
  • Renewed interest and impact of your Brand
  • Faster and remote controlled diagnostics which reduces downtime
  • Opportunity for seamless Ad Design Services
  • Unbeatable 5 Year Labor and Material Warranty… only from Poyant

A Watchfire LED Message Center is a smart advertising investment for any “brick and mortar” organization. Other forms of advertising simply can’t come close in scope, efficacy, or value. Electronic Message Centers give you the ability to target a large, critical audience of potential customers already at your front door for far less than traditional advertising.

Contact us today to learn how an Electronic Message Center can increase sales and effectively Build Your Brand.

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