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Permitting & Variances

Sign permits are an essential part of getting your next sign installed legally. All cities and towns have their own code and becoming well versed with each jurisdiction’s code can be difficult and time consuming if you don’t have the experience. You can trust in Poyant to acquire your next sign permit. Through our experience across many cities and states, we are experts in translating sign codes and maximizing your brand image.

When is a sign permit needed?

A sign permit is required before most exterior signs are installed. This includes all types of signs from freestanding signs, wall signs, and marquee signs. Awnings with graphics are often considered a “sign” by town regulations and it isn’t unusual for jurisdictions to require a temporary banner permit. We also assist in acquiring electrical permits and zoning permits that are often required when applying for a sign permit.

What happens when a sign permit is denied by the local jurisdiction?

If a sign permit application is denied, most times the jurisdiction will allow you to apply for a sign variance. A sign variance is an approval request for a sign that does not fit the set sign permit requirements and often requires approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals. Poyant has applied for hundreds of sign variances in jurisdictions around the country successfully. If your sign permit is denied, you can trust in our 30+ years of experience and knowledge to apply for a sign variance on your behalf.