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Sign Repair and Maintenance Services

Having a problem with your sign? Poyant has the solution. Our dedicated, fully licensed technicians have the experience to handle all of your service needs. Whether your sign requires repair or preventative maintenance Poyant is committed to providing excellent service in a timely manner. Our brand protection reward program, Keeper of the Flame, will always keep your signage looking its best.

If you’ve ever observed a toddler’s face light up when they see the ubiquitous golden arches, you’ve experienced the power of brand recognition. The colors, shapes, logos, lighting, and various other design elements combine to make a business sign instantly recognizable, even before you read the name. Signage is an organization’s first impression on the public and should reinforce their brand, separate them from their competitors, and create a visceral first reaction with their audience.

But burned-out bulbs, broken or yellowed sign panels, and faded lettering mean the business can’t leverage their sign effectively. Instead, a damaged sign diminishes their brand image and actively works against them.

Fortunately, refresh and updating services can restore a sign’s former glory. For sign maintenance and repair services in New England, call the experts at Poyant. Poyant has partnered with some of the nation’s most recognizable brands, including, for example, McDonald’s, Ace Hardware, TJ Maxx, 7-Eleven, Reebok, CVS Pharmacy, Macy’s, Courtyard Marriot, Cumberland Farms, Five Guys, IHOP, Microsoft, Dunkin’, Target, Jersey Mike’s and more. From a simple bulb replacement to major sign repairs, Poyant is prepared to take on your most challenging restorations.

Sign Repair and Maintenance at Poyant

At Poyant, we’ll help you advance your brand with the following sign maintenance and repair services:

  • Diagnostic inspections
  • Structure repairs for bent posts or frames
  • Rust abatement
  • Bulb replacement and adjustment
  • LED conversion
  • Emergency restoration after an accident, severe weather, or vandalism
  • Panel repair or replacement
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Optimized sign placement
  • Electronic Message Center Repairs
  • Remediation services for electromagnetic interference

Our experienced, licensed and certified technicians work on both interior and exterior signs, and we also offer a Brand Protection Warranty Program to ensure your signs always look their best.

Regional and National Sign Repair

Sign Repair in the Northeast

When you need sign repair in the Northeast, Poyant is available to help. Our experienced technicians are factory trained and fully insured, and we offer emergency assistance after an accident, severe weather, and vandalism. Poyant is proud to be OSHA-certified and provides a 1-year warranty if we revamp your sign during a service call.

We can also complete most repairs and maintenance during the initial appointment—however, some signs that include neon tubes, non-standard parts, or LED lighting may require follow-up service. We offer regional services in the Northeast and beyond.

National Sign Repair Network

At Poyant, we’ve cultivated a national network of expertise. Our service coordinators will connect you with qualified and fully licensed technicians to provide your business with cost-effective and efficient assistance. We are available for all your sign repair or preventive maintenance needs, no matter where your business is located. Find out more about our national network here.

When Does My Sign Need Maintenance and Repair?

Everyday wear occurs gradually, and if you frequently see your business sign, you might grow accustomed to its appearance—even though someone with a fresh perspective will notice its imperfections.

To ensure your sign looks as inviting as possible, routinely inspect for the following:

  • Lighting: Is your sign visible at night? What about in the glaring afternoon sun? A professional can help make your sign legible, even when visibility conditions change.
  • Paint and Finish: Is your paint faded or chipped? Let us add a bright new coat of paint to keep your signage sharp, attractive, and clear.
  • Faded/Yellowing Sign Panels: New materials and UV Protection are available to replace older panels with long lasting, brilliant colors.
  • Electrical Malfunctions: Does your sign wink up or blink? Does it occasionally dim or brighten, without an obvious explanation? You may have an electrical issue that affects the current strength or connection. Work with a licensed professional to protect your hardware and avoid possible safety hazards

Infographic describing when sign maintenance and repair is needed

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Building and Maintaining Your Brand With Poyant

Your sign communicates your company values and brand image. It may be your business’s first impression on the public, so put your best foot forward with a well-designed and -maintained structure. Poyant offers regional sign maintenance and repair services throughout the Northeast, as well as a nationwide network of technicians. We’re also proud to hold Aluminum and Steel Welding Certifications, State Electrical Signage and Crane Licenses for Ma, Ct, and RI, Federal Crane Operators License, Hand Signal and Riggers Certification and OSHA 10 and 30 Certifications. For more information about our commercial sign repair, contact us today.