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Types of Commercial Business Signs

Explore Poyant’s guide to available types of signs for businesses, including pylon signs, monument signs, wayfinding signage, and more.

Types of Commercial Business Signs

Business signs grab the attention of potential customers. With a wide variety of different types of signs for businesses, each offers its own unique advantages. At Poyant, we take pride in over eight decades of experience designing, fabricating, installing, and maintaining exterior signage. The following list discusses the many types of commercial business signs available for your unique business needs.

Pylon Signs

Pylon sign of the Cask and Pig

Also known as internally illuminated (backlit) or externally illuminated signs, pylon signs provide excellent visibility because they are freestanding. These steel structures typically reach a minimum of 12 feet high and rest on concrete foundations. To increase their visibility further, these types of business signs rely on energy efficient LEDs for illumination. This type of exterior signage can come either single- or double-sided and may also be used to display signage for multiple businesses in an area. Frequently, businesses choose to place pylon signs near the street or major highways and freeways to direct customers to their parking lot.

Monument Signs

Monument sign for St. Luke's Hospital

Sometimes a business requires exterior signage with a low-profile. Also referred to as ground signs, monument signs are mounted low to the ground, generally displaying the desired message at eye level or lower. Fully customizable, these types of business signs come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes and frequently feature a decorative base.

Post Signs

Post sign for Collins House


Also called pole signs, post signs rest on a single post. Post signs most typically display just one company name. These signs often exist alongside another sign type, such as a marquee which offers changeable letters or an electronic message center (EMC) to display seasonal specials and offers.

Channel Letters

For a modern and finished look, signs with channel letters may satisfy the needs of a business. For these types of exterior signage, individually cut channel letters spell out an organization’s name or display a logo, adding a professional look to any storefront. Different types include halo-lit channel letters and LED channel letters. This type of business sign utilizes neon or low-voltage LEDs to light letters internally.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letter sign showing "Stonegate Mortgage"

Like channel letters, individually cut dimensional letters spell out a company name or display a custom logo. However, hollow internal channels enable illumination in channel letters, whereas dimensional letters are created from a solid sheet of acrylic or metal. As a result, signs with dimensional letters typically look flat as they do not exceed more than several inches in depth.


Awning with sign for BK's Tavern

Sometimes referred to as lighted canopy signs or illuminated awnings, this type of business sign consists of a vinyl canopy and can be internally lit. Awnings offer a cost-effective way to add an attractive, eye-catching feature to the front of a building or storefront.

Wayfinding Signs

Exterior wayfinding signage

Ideal for difficult to navigate areas—such as hospital corridors, housing developments, or shopping centers—wayfinding signs create a sense of cohesion and brand visibility while guiding visitors where they need to go. This type of signage often works well combined with other types, such as monument signs. Wayfinding signs may feature directories, colorful maps, or other interactive features.

Electronic Message Signs

Also known as digital outdoor signs, digital LED signs, or electronic message boards, these types of signs look incredibly modern and provide versatility. Available in a variety of styles, electronic message signs range from monochromatic to high-resolution video. With these signs, the ability to change the display message from any computer at the touch of a button offers simplicity and ease for a business. Any organization that frequently needs to display new information could benefit from the advantages of electronic message signs.

Blade Signs

Blade sign for 99 Summer

Also known as projecting signs, the design of blade signs allows for mounting perpendicular to the wall of a business. This type of sign increases the visibility of your business from the sidewalk, attracting higher amounts of foot traffic. If internally lit, blade signs can provide further increased visibility during evening hours.

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