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What Is a Pylon Sign?

Explore Poyant’s guide to pylon signs, including different types, the difference between pylon and monument signs, and other important pylon sign information.

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What Is a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs are freestanding signs more than eight feet tall, supported by at least one pole or another structure. They can be one- or two-sided, and are meant to catch your eye as you’re driving by or scanning the horizon. They are often taller than the surrounding buildings to help them stand out.

What’s the Difference Between a Pylon and Monument Sign?

If you’re considering a pylon sign vs. a monument sign for your business, it’s important to note that the major difference is the height. While monument signs are built at eye level (typically five feet or below), pylon signs are taller, so they can be seen from farther away. Each is ideal in certain situations:

  • Pylon Signs: In busy areas where there are numerous businesses, outside shopping malls, alongside highways and roads with higher speed limits, and in industrial areas. Pylon signs go in areas where it’s advantage for a driver to see your sign before they get to your parking lot entrance.
  • Monument Signs: In residential areas where you want the sign to blend in more with the surroundings, alongside two-lane roads or larger roads with lower speed limits, in pedestrian areas.

Types of Pylon Signs

Infographic describing different types of pylon signs

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Pylon signs offer versatility, so you can match your sign to your style, preferences, and budget. They can be of any shape or size, and can be illuminated for visibility at night. There are a few primary types of pylon signs to help you customize:

  • Single-Pole Mount: The sign is situated on one pole stuck in the ground.
  • Twin-Pole Mount: For large signs, two poles offer more security and stability.
  • Covered-Pole Mount: Instead of leaving an exposed metal pole, you can cover it with a structure made of brick or another material, which can be designed to match your brand.
  • Internally Illuminated Pylon Signs: These signs are illuminated from the inside, making them easy to see as they glow. They’re common at shopping centers.
  • Externally Illuminated Pylon Signs: An externally illuminated pylon sign is lit from an outside light source like a floodlight.

Pylon Sign Services From Poyant

Poyant designs and fabricates pylon signs for clients throughout the Northeast. We’ve installed signs throughout Boston, MA, Providence, RI, and many other locations. Our experienced team offers a full range of signage services to help you get exactly what you need for your business:

  • Sign Design: We work closely with you to offer on-brand pylon sign design that effectively delivers your message.
  • Sign Fabrication :Our 50,000-square-foot facility is home to state-of-the-art equipment and an expert fabrication team comprised of five specialty departments: Architectural Metal, CNC Modeling, Electrical, Graphics, and Product Finish. This team brings your design to life.
  • Sign InstallationOur installation experts are licensed, insured, and OSHA-certified, and they can handle any interior or exterior sign installation. They’re committed to an on-time delivery that exceeds your expectations.
  • Sign RepairWe keep your sign looking its best with proper maintenance and, when necessary, rapid pylon sign repair.

Poyant has created a wide array of pylon signs over the years, and we’re proud of the work we do throughout the Northeast. Here are a few of our many projects:

Pylon signs are among the many options we can design, fabricate, install, and maintain. Our clients are looking for everything from post and panel signs to ATM surrounds, projecting signs, awnings and banners, and more for both indoor and outdoor applications. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your next project.